The Clinic

Q. So what exactly does your clinic do?

A: We provide specialised vein treatment for the best price in Sydney. We want our clients who go through our procedures to have the simplest, safest, and most time effective experience for their unsightly or painful varicose or spider veins. Our treatments include surgical and non-surgical methods, which are all done on a “walk-in, walk-out” basis, offering our clients the best of both worlds in terms of convenience, comfort, and safety. We endeavour to produce an outcome which the patient expects to be delivered in a timely manner.

Q. What conditions do you treat?

A: We treat anything from the tiniest of spider veins (also called telangiectasias), to small veins, dilated varicose veins, and leg ulcers from venous disease. Vein on the back of your hands and face can be treated but generally on discussion with our doctor, as it is more specialised.

Q. How does it all work?

A: All patients will receive a one-on-one consult with our specialised vein doctors. A detailed history and assessment of symptoms and signs is performed. An initial ultrasound to determine the best method of treatment in your personal circumstances. Based on this consult, you may need to see our lovely ultrasonographer for a more specific imaging of troubled veins. In some simpler cases the doctor may elect to just recommend specific, tailored treatments on the spot. He or she will carefully assess what procedure/s be most suitable at providing a safe and cosmetically excellent outcome or best symptomatic relief).

Q. Does a doctor do the procedures? Or a nurse?

A: All procedures are done by approved medical practitioners, with have specialised in vein surgery and non-surgical treatments. All our doctors have degrees in MBBS and also AHPRA (the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency) accreditation, as do our lovely nurses.

Surgical procedures are done only by doctors, as are some of the more complex sclerotherapy. Some of our doctors will also perform the ultrasound mapping, however most of the time we will have a sonographer perform this. Our highly trained and friendly nurse practitioners will generally provide immediate and long-term post-op follow-up, and performed less complex visual sclerotherapy.


Q. So What is Sclerotherapy?

A: Sclerotherapy is a simple procedure where painless medication is injected by our specialists into an unsightly or abnormally dilated vein, to cause spasm and closure. This can be done either with Ultrasound guidance for deeper veins, or under direct vision, so called “visual sclerotherapy”

Q. What medication / chemical do you use?

A: We use Fibro-Vein, or sodium tetradecryl sulphate, which has been in use to close veins for the last 70 years, and is generally consider the safest of the medications.

Q. Do you use “Foam” sclerotherapy, and why / why not?

A: We generally do not, the reason being a higher rate of staining of skin, and slightly higher rates of complications. However, the doctor may elect to do so on a case by case basis

Endovenous treatment

Q. What is endovenous therapy?

A: Modern vein treatment has progressed a long way from the past, where surgical stripping was the norm. Nowadays most surgeons offer endovenous therapy, meaning “inside veins”. This included anything from direct laser and radiofrequency (Painful!) to newer, gentler therapies such as MOCA and vein glues.

Q. What is MOCA / Clarivein ?

A: We call this treatment MechanoChemical endovenous Ablation (MOCA), simply it means some internal agitation is performed to the inside of the large, superficial veins of your body, then we coat the vein in a chemical that will clot it off. This is done by a fast spinning (3500 Revolutions per minute) tip attached to a long catheter which damages the internal surface of the vein while leaving the external parts intact. As the doctor withdraws this a chemical agent called “Fibro-Vein” is injected simultaneously leading to high rate of vein closure.

Q. What studies are there of MOCA vs laser / RFA?

A: This is best discussed with Dr Chiu at your consult.

Q. Can I have just one leg done?

A: Yes, of course. Again prices will be individualised on consult with the surgeon.

Q. Is it a painful procedure?

A: Generally there is a mild discomfort the first 1 or 2 days, however most of our patients will not have any noticeable pain beyond the first week. Using simple pain killers like panadol or nurofen would help.


Q. I have pain / ulcer in my leg, what will the procedure, will it get rid of the pain complete?

A: Most ulcers will disappear within 1 ~ 2 months post-procedure, as well any pain associated with your varicosities. Some skin changes associated with chronic vein damage may not be reversible, and its best to check with your surgeon.

Q. Will the ulcers come back?

A: Generally once the skin over the ulcers are healed they will NOT recur.

Q. My veins are more ugly / prominent than painful, will the procedure still work?

A: Yes, the procedure is designed to deal with all moderate / major varicose veins. Simple spider veins are best done with visual sclerotherapy. In the future we may offer laser over skin, however at the moment there is not a lot of evidence it is better than visual sclerotherapy. Also very TORTUOUS veins may need other procedures (eg. Trivex) which are more aggressive as the severity may demand. Again, best to check with your surgeon.

Q. Will the veins ever come back, and what will you do about it?

A: Generally once the vein are treated they will NOT recur. We offer a FIVE year warranty on all our COMPREHENSIVE treatments. Sometimes clients may need a “top up” after that. We will generalise work out an individualised fee on that basis.

Q. Do we need to bring out own stockings?

A: You will need to purchase your own stockings (usually from any Chemist / Pharmacy) prior to any treatment, costs starts anywhere from $36 (for knee high) to $76 to $150 (thigh) no medicare rebate however may be Private Fund rebatable. Please make sure they are at least class 2, or 20~30mmHg compression. We have some stockings on site however due to sizing difficulties we would insist on your purchasing your own.

These are 3 online shops you can purchase from.

This site has good information on sizing:

Q. What happens day of op? Do I need a carer? Do I need time off work?

A: We ask you to gently wash your legs with a mild cleanser (shower is fine) on the morning of the Clarivein procedure. You do not need to prepare for visual or ultrasound guided sclerothereapy. Please do no apply any dressings / stockings to the limb the morning of, but do remember to bring your pre-purchased stockings with you on the day. (We do have limited supply on site $150 a pair) We ask you to arrive 15 minute before booked time for preparation for surgery. The nurse will take you in to change into a gown, and take some simple observations (Heart rate & blood pressure).

Q. Why do you not use laser, or RFA (radiofrequency ablation) ?

A: We believe that the Tumescent fluid (saline with some local anaesthetic) used during laser / RFA / thermal treatments to be far too cumbersome, and the thermal techniques to have over all a high complication rates (nerve damage/ haematoma) and pain than MOCA / Clarivein. Usually Clarivein pain rates are 4~5 points (out of 10) lower than thermal techniques.

Q. Can you do any other parts of the body (other than legs)?

A: Yes our specialists will be more than happy to look at other parts, eg. Face / arms, provided the number of veins treated, generally you are looking at $130 ~ 160 out of pocket.

Q. How many sessions do I have to have?

A: Vein treatment often require repeated visits, most commonly 3~5, over several months due to limits of chemical use, so we ask for you forgiveness with the likelihood of repeated visits. Later recurrences may still happen, say a few years later. We can easily treat this events but of course there will be associated cost, please speak to our specialist and they will offer you a discount.

Q. I want to book now, how do I proceed? When can I book an appointment?

A: For Bookings, simply click the BOOK NOW button on top right of the page.
Or Contact our lovely patient consults on (02) 8014 7038

Q. I am calling from Interstate (VIC / WA / QLD), am I still able to use your service?

A: Yes, you may. We advice you to email through some basic photos of your vein issues, so we can predetermine the severity. Please email to, and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Vein treatment often require repeated visits over several months due to limits of chemical use, so we ask for you forgiveness with the likelihood of repeated visits.

Booking via Cliniko

Q. What is Cliniko and how does it work?

A: Cliniko is an advanced form of online booking system, where YOU stay in control of your availability to see our practitioners. Please follow this LINK